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[08 Aug 2006|01:05pm]

oh btw. books. i need cheap good used ones. (ok that startment was a little redundent and pxy moron at the same time.... weird. sry i can't spell)

i have: American Government (really really good condition)
Old Testament ((for McGrane) pretty good condition -ish...)
Chemistry (amazingly wonderful condition (i had Schrim i literally opened it twice))
Christian Tradition ((Wright) OK condition pretty cheap)
Geometry (oober good condition)

i need: AP Chem (badly. a new book is so expensive.)
Alge. 2
French 3
Am. Hist.
and any Michalik Themes books and/or Baker's Lit into Film

kthx love u. bye.
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[11 Jun 2006|10:57pm]

So, a friend of mine (jaidesu ♥) found a retro picture of Mr. Schusterbauer from the 70s in her mom's high school yearbook. I thought it was hilarious. :D


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Hope everyone has a great summer!
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[30 May 2006|03:43pm]


Seniors, enjoy your last day at Mercy. Laugh, cry, take pictures, give hugs, write letters. I am so proud of you, way to be true Mercy girls.

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soph semi. [24 Feb 2006|08:47pm]

[ mood | confused ]

i kinda zoned out when they were saying when the tickets were sold, but does anyone have any idea when they sell the tickets?

im thinking the week of, but i just want to make sure.

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[30 Nov 2005|08:15pm]


Hey girls. My dad sent me an email saying he found this website (www.greatschools.net) where parents and students can write reviews of their school. Well, he also said that I should check out the fist one about Mercy. Here's what it said:

Mercy High School is the worst school I could have ever chosen! I thought I was going to a private school, where academics would pushed, but instead academics were a joke there! Every day we would have off hours, with no classes. Leading to only having 5 classes a day at the most, with the expection of straight days, which were one every two weeks. I also thought that there would be morals taught at the school, but there were not! Mercy is the most liberal school ever, its worst than going to public school. The girls at Mercy are out of control, there is drugs, party girls, girls also had phsiyal fighting at Mercy and the teachers looked at them and looked away. I am so sad I picked Mercy and I hope you don't."

I couldn't help but laugh when I read "the girls at Mercy are out of control". The other three reviews on the site were positive, but this one just..made me laugh.

Just thought I'd share :)

Much love.

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SERVICE FRIDAYS!! [10 Nov 2005|05:57pm]

[ mood | YAY! SERVICE! ]


just a reminder that tomorrow is a:


come join us in the CAFETERIA
HOURS 3, 4, 5, 6


Make a Thanksgiving Card for Nursing Home Patients!


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[26 Oct 2005|02:12pm]

Hi everyone.
Even though I graduated I am still a little obsessed with Mercy high school. But ya know I'm even more obsessed with my best friends, and the majority of them are in the senior class this year.

Some in particular are involved with Mercy's play. So go see it. It's nov 4-6.

Other are invovled in UofD's play...so go see that too. It's nov 3-5.


Love you
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[03 Oct 2005|10:19pm]

hey, just joined.

i transfered to mercy this year, im a senior. hows it going?

so what seniors are excited to graduate in 8 months!??
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[02 Oct 2005|01:01am]

I love Mercy High School.
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I miss my mercy girls [29 Sep 2005|03:49pm]

So we had a Schoolgirl/schoolboy themed frat party at Albion a few weeks ago....i got to dress up like i normally would back in the good old days.....girls cherish that uniform and wear it with pride.....I miss you alllllll! good luck to everyone with spirit week.
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[27 Sep 2005|01:00pm]

mercy homecoming basketball game

thursday, september 29th.  7pm.

mercy vs. marian.

be there!!!!!!

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||Homecoming|| [11 Sep 2005|08:25pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]


My name is Alex Davidson.
I am a Senior at UofD and joined this Mercy community sometime last year.

I have participated in the last six Mercy theatre productions and have recently gotten the role of Captain Keller in my seventh, "The Miracle Worker". (November 4,5, and 6. Come see it.)
Homecoming is September 30. I am going with Anna Sklut. This will be my 12th Mercy formal.
This year Mercy is starting the tradition of Homecoming King and I would be eternally grateful if you would vote for me in that position.

Alex Davidson. Homecoming King.
Thank You.

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[05 Sep 2005|12:29pm]

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knew what Mercy's policy for student transfers was? I would like to transfer to Mercy next year (I'm currently in ninth grade), but what would be involved? Would I need to retake the HSPT (even though Mercy accepted me in last year)?

Thank you!
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uniforms. [04 Sep 2005|02:10pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

im just wondering if we have to wear our uniforms on tuesday. i know they didnt make an annoucement, but mi madre wants me to double check.

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[29 Aug 2005|06:34pm]

Hey everyone!

First of all, I miss Mercy. You have no idea.

Second, I hope everyone is doing well.

Third, has anyone talked to/does anyone have miss callan for gym or health? she's my cousin.
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books for sale. [22 Aug 2005|10:10pm]

Anyone want to take the following titles off of my hands? They are all pretty much like new since I take great care of my books. Comment if interested. I am willing to haggle.

Biology - $45 (originally $100)
Health - $35 (originally $79)
World History - $40 (originally $90)
Algebra Honors - $35 (originally $82)

I also have all of my English 9 books from last year, I'll give you a price depending on which/how many you want.

Of Mice and Men
The Catcher in the Rye
Animal Farm
Huck Finn
The House on Mango Street
Our Town
The Glass Menagerie
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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[20 Aug 2005|01:03am]

[ mood | crazy ]

you know you are a mercy girl when...

you take your [uniform] with you to college.


once a mercy girl, always a mercy girl.

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books for sale! [18 Aug 2005|06:40pm]

ok kids...heres the deal...i have 3 books i can sell...and im leaving for school in a week...so yes.

alg 2 book..i bought it from my friend used...so like 20$'s
christian trad MCGRANE....used for 10$
concept. physics....i bought it new...so like 55$..

anyone interested get back to me either by leaving a comment or emailing me at...



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